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This Community of practice will run from 19 Aug until 28 Sep

Summer school

This Community of Practice focuses on the past, present and future of inGenious, its events, activities, communication and much more.

The four topics are:  

1) The Summer School: You can share your expectations, ask questions that you would like to have answered or find partners for future project. After the Summer School you will be able to continue the discussions. Threads will be started following what happens in the summer school. There is also space for you to “meet” other participants who will be joining the Summer School. 

2) Communication linked to the video "Ignite your future: see the description below*

3) Communication linked to the inGenious competition: see the description below*

4) The Encyclopedia of useful resources: Here we have collected all the useful educational resources and links that you have shared during the past CoPs. Please feel free to use them and to add some more. 

* The communications session of this CoP is dedicated to new important initiatives that will be launched in Autumn 2013 as part of the inGenious back-to-school campaign dedicated to raise awareness on the need to invest in STEM education and in cultivating young STEM talent for Europe. The focus will be on two main initiatives: the launch of the inGenious main video Ignite your future; and of the new inGenious competition for schools.

The session supports the Barcelona summer school workshop Dissemination of inGenious (and science projects in general) and offers the opportunity to those of you who won’t be there, or will attend other workshops, to contribute to and shape inGenious communications over the coming year.

We look forward to hearing from you from Barcelona!

You can use the hashtag #inG_school to share your thoughts on the Summer school via Facebook and on Twitter. Tune in to our Facebook page ( and on Twitter site (@inGenious_EU) to receive updates during the event, ask questions and share experiences and pictures.

The Experts


Emma Bluck is the owner and director of Gold Spark Consulting. Emma has 20 years experience in international communications, marketing and partnership building spanning a range of vertical sectors.  She has managed teams within the private and public sectors and has worked extensively with not-for-profits.

Prior to founding Gold Spark, Emma spent 12 years at the multinational Internet technology provider Cisco, where she managed marketing and communications as well as corporate social responsibility projects related to education across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Emma enjoys a communication challenge and the creative fun of developing and rolling out effective solutions. Experienced in the development and implementation of corporate social responsibility strategies and programs, Emma is a 2009 graduate of Cambridge University’s cross-sector partnership post-graduate course and a level one Partnership Broker.  She has a deep interest in unlocking the potential of cross-sector collaboration.


Michela Saputi works as Outreach coordinator at European Schoolnet and is part of the inGenious communications team. Her work experience includes 5 years in the broadcasting industry, as consultant to Corporate and marketing communications at Sky, the leading pay TV broadcaster in Italy, and then as responsible for media relations in Italy of National Geographic Channels International.

After taking the international Master's in Public Management, where she specialised in Public-private Partnerships, she worked as Communications and Policy Officer at the Lombardy Regional Government's Institute for Research, focusing on education and employment policies.

She joined European Schoolnet on November 2011, contributing to the organisation of the campaign European e-Skills Week 2012, an initiative of the European Commission to foster digital skills among European citizens and youngsters in particular, before joining the inGenious team.


Victor J. Perez-Rubio works for European Schoolnet’s Science team as Project Administrator. Between his many duties, he is responsible of the educational resources available in the Scientix repository, edition of translatable resources, Coordinator of the Scientix Teacher’s Panel, and assistant for inGenious.

With a science education background, Victor has worked as an environmental educator in his land, Valencia, and opened franchises for the Spanish branch of the educational programme Eye Level from the South Korean company Daekyo. Before joining European Schoolnet he worked as Science teacher in a SEK school , where he joined his two passions: Technology and Science Education.

Victor has a 5 years university degree on Biological Sciences by the University of Valencia and a post degree as “Secondary Education Expert”. He has also studied one course at the University of Oklahoma (USA), worked several months in Edinburgh (Scotland), and helped as volunteer in Santiago de Cuba for a cooperation project. His mother tongues are Catalan and Spanish; he masters English and has knowledge of French.