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Ignite your future

Summer school attendees are invited to an exclusive preview of the inGenious video Ignite your future. This video has been developed as a teaching resource to help pupils link their interests with STEM studies and the world of work.  Please help us share and promote this video by providing us with your insight and feedback . Many of you met Ignite Your Future’s producer, Mr Ian Oakley,  last year at the Istanbul Summer School. 

We hope that, in addition to making STEM careers relevant, Ignite your Future will help to dispel common stereotypes about the working world of STEM and help to communicate to pupils the impact of STEM of our world at large.

We are currently developing a lesson plan (aimed to 13-18 years old pupils) to support the showing of Ignite Your future in class

Here you can give your input and feedback about the video and discuss a number of related issues. 



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