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The new inGenious competition

The inGenious competition aims to raise pupils’ awareness of STEM skill sets and available careers and will launch on September 2013.

We invite teachers to give visibility and be rewarded as best efforts in Europe for activities where you collaborate with partners in your community (parents, companies, role models) and come up with creative ways of improving pupils’ understanding of the real working world of STEM. Example of activities: job fairs, factory visits, research projects, parents/role models speaker slots in schools, technology demos in class, development of videos exploring different aspects of STEM careers etc.  

We will accept submission until the end of February 2014. Activities that are developed and implemented within the school year 2013-2014 will be considered eligible. Submission will have to include: a representative image, a gallery of pictures and at least one video. More details are available in the teachers guidelines attached.

The competition is open to all interested schools, so please feel free to spread the news and invite other colleagues/schools to participate. Please note that the hashtag #inG_competition is available for  Facebook and Twitter updates and  latest news. Please share with your network.



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