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DESIRE - Disseminating Educational Science, Innovation and Research in Europe

This part of the Community of practice aims to present the results of a research carried out to understand how to better communicate the outcomes of STEM education projects to teachers. The outcomes of the research are presented in a practical guide based on the results of a survey and several discussion events (including the 10th COP ran in February-March 2013) with the main target groups active in STEM education carried out in the context of the DESIRE project.  

This Community of Practice is a collaboration between inGenious and the European project DESIRE (Disseminating Educational Science, Innovation and Research in Europe), that proposes recommendations to ease the diffusion and exploitation of STEM education projects results to teachers. 

The objective of this 6 weeks Community of Practice will thus be to collect your opinion and feedback on the recommendations we have gathered in our Reach Out Toolkit for coordinators and managers of STEM education projects that are willing to reach teacher out with their project results. They have plenty of valuable outcomes but do not always reach their target to the greatest possible advantage.

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The Experts


Maïté Debry is Project Manager as part of the Science team of European Schoolnet. Her main activities are to coordinate projects at the various stages of the project life cycle and write strategic documents and project reports. She manages the DESIRE project aiming to develop models of diffusion and exploitation to ease the spreading of science education projects results to teachers. Currently, she also coordinates the activities linked to schools outreach in Nanopinion, a project that monitors public opinions on nanotechnology, build an online portal and publish articles on nanotechnology in main online and print media in four countries. She also coordinated Xplore Health (2010-2012), a European project to build and promote an online portal on the latest health research involving activities in schools and science museums around Europe. 

Originally from Belgium, Maïté holds a Master’s Degree in Political Sciences from the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and a Master’s Degree in Development Studies specialised in Development Programmes and Projects from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL).


Xenia Lauritsen, holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from 2010, Roskilde University, Denmark and has been working at European Schoolnet since April 2012 as Project Administrator for science projects like inGenious, Desire, Scientix, Xplore Health and Nanopinion. Before joining EUN, Xenia worked within the EU’s Research and ICT area as an Innovation Consultant for CARSA, a Spanish consulting firm, located in Brussels. There, she was responsible for preparing evaluation tenders and proposals. She also has a background in the Danish Public sector working both as Communication Officer at a Danish regional representation based in Brussels and as communication assistant at The Danish Ministry of Employment.

 Xenia has a multicultural background as both Mexican and Danish and possesses excellent language skills (fluent in Danish, English, Spanish and French and is proficient in Italian).

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