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Connecting inGenious beyond the EU

Connecting inGenious beyond EU: focusing on research, development and outreach in STEM education in the US.



The Expert

Vera Leon
In addition to being one of the three finalists for the Young Education Leaders Award 2012 (conducted by Microsoft and The British Council), Vera is a young psychologist, interested in innovative ways of using technology in education. Vera is an Educational Technology Specialist at TELMEX House, a non-for-profit-organization in the northern state of Coahuila, Mexico.

TELMEX House provides opportunities for millions of young kids and teachers through educational centres built across the country.  The centres aim to provide young kids, starting at kindergarten age, with opportunities to learn how to use computers, digital art, science, electronics, animation, programing and robotics. These skills will build confidence and help them create a better future.

Vera is working closely with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab and has been awarded several times for leading systems application. She is an active member of the World Museum Project, coordinated by Yoshiro Miyata (Chukyo University- Japan) and the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network (PiL Network).

Convinced that the children and youth are agents of change, Vera’s biggest passion is education; her goal is to discover better and innovative practices to integrate technology in the process of learning to transform the lives of her students.

Vera’s greatest hobby is to study. Unlike most of young women, Vera prefers to spend her free time studying at Coursera, Khan Academy, Microsoft Virtual University and Academica, and her dream is to get a master’s degree in Educational Technology.
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