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This Community of practice will run from 3 March until 11 April.

Engaging STEM Teaching with innovative practices

This CoP will cover the following 4 themes:

1. Ambassadors Database

In the inGenious Ambassadors Database you will find interviews and videos by Industry were they explain more about their jobs, their previous studies and their career. Share your experiences with the rest of the inGenious teacher community.

2. inGenious - new practices

The inGenious practices database is a searchable living repository of practices on  science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Open to all teachers, industrial partners and policy makers, this repository is a reference and source of inspiration that contributes to the sustainability of inGenious. It outlines the types of practices tested by teachers available across and beyond Europe.

3. Tips on how to make your teaching more interesting 

Did you test new things to make your teaching more interesting recently? How well did it work? Please come to this section to share your experience with the others.

4. Feedback and input on the future of inGenious 

The inGenious project is coming to an end in October 2014 and thus we would like to have your feedback and input regarding the inGenious teacher activities.


Teachers are invited to discuss, share and learn from each other about the above mentioned topics and much more.

The Experts

Evita Tasiopoulou works at European Schoolnet as Science Projects Coordinator.  She has worked on UniSchooLabS, which provided remote access to science laboratories for primary and secondary schools through internet-based services and she continues her trip on the use of on-line laboratories with Go-Lab, which aims to create a federation of laboratories to be made available to teachers.

She is also working on Global-excursion and inGenious where she is involved on the pedagogical background while coordinating the development of technical infrastructure plus the materialization of school pilots.

Evita is particularly involved in projects linked to School Pilot activities and the provision of remote laboratories to schools. She also has a strong interest on Primary education and the promotion of Science education.

Since 2010, Evita is also EUN’s Business Intelligence manager and she is working on the development of a solution that will facilitate the internal organisation and use of school related information.

Originally from Greece, Evita holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK, as well as a Professional Degree in Management from the Open University. She has completed a 2-year course on Child Psychology and she is always on the lookout for new learning opportunities.

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