3rd inGenious summer school: teachers learn, share, and enjoy!

The 3rd inGenious summer school starts this Friday! 192 participants will meet in Split, Croatia, from 22 to 24 August to reflect on the outcomes of 3 years of inGenious activities with schools, as well as visualise the future of the inGenious project.

The conference will be hosted at the School of Medicine, University of Split, and participants will be able to choose among a variety of 23 workshops and 16 teacher showcases.

Teachers and industry representatives will work on innovative activities to bring STEM classes to life, and give students a more realistic picture of STEM careers. How to establish a school – industry collaboration? What is the role of girls in STEM? How to match hands- on activities to the needs and challenges derived from the curriculum? What are the inquiry skills that students need to develop? These and other questions will be at the heart of participants’ discussions at this edition of the inGenious summer school.

Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss the practices they have carried out within inGenious, provide direct feedback to the industrial partners and contribute with their ideas and suggestions.

In addition, 40 semi-finalists from both inGenious competitions have been invited to present their work at the summer school. The top European finalists will be selected in Split and will be then invited to the European Ceremony Award that will take place in Warsaw on 22 September 2014, in conjunction with the STEM Educator Academy.

Participants will, of course, have free time to explore the beautiful city of Split before they travel back to their home countries!

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