Winners of Xperimania IV

The fourth edition of Xperimania's challenging competition, “Equality”, was successfully completed.

The competitions were open from February to October 2011 and 65 schools from 16 different European countries participated, giving the opportunity to more than 1600 European pupils to learn more about Chemistry thanks to Xperimania.

Schools had the opportunity to play with chemistry and explore the amazing and fascinating world of scientists describing their idea about chemistry, catching the main fascinating topics of chemistry and discovering how many women have worked in chemistry giving great contributions to scientific research!

Students and teachers have been discussing in their classroom and they have shared information and opinions. Teachers have encouraged their students to use all their expertise in different disciplines from art to science to technologies to enjoy the competitions.

More than 350 entries have been submitted from different schools in Europe. Teachers and students highly enjoyed the competitions and they participated with enthusiasm providing great contributions and submitting a huge number of interesting works.

An international jury, composed of people from Cefic and EUN with different expertise and background as chemists, pedagogical and educational experts, have selected the winners according to the criteria of scientific relevance, design, creativity and originality.

The Award Ceremony took place in Brussels on 21 November 2011. The 1st winners in Equality 1 and 2 and their teachers were invited to a two-day trip in Brussels, where each of the winning students received a digital camera.

The winners of the second and third prizes in Equality 1 and 2 received a camera and the six winning pupils in Equality 3 received an Xperimania kit, containing: 1 bug lollipop, 1 small growing dinosaur, 1 mighty seltzer rocket!

In addition to these prizes, Xperimenia rewarded all 12 classes of the winning students with fun and educational materials to explore the world of science and chemistry and all winners and their teachers received a participation certificate.

In addition to the prizes for the 12 winning entries, each participating teacher who submitted more than 10 entries received an  Xperimania package.

The winners were:


Equality 1

First Prize


Students:  Anna G., Aleksandra L., Aleksandra Z.

School: Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Janusza Korczaka


Second Prize

Country: Spain

Students: Lucia I., Marina N.

School: IES Sixto Marco


Third prize

Country: Slovakia

Students:  Roman P.

School: The Associated Secondary School


Equality 2

First Prize

Country: Lithuania

Students: Natalija A., Anastasija S., Aida C.

School: Vassily Kachalov Gymnasium

Second Prize

Country: Spain

Students: Ioana C.

School: I.e.s Secretari Coloma

Third prize

Country: United Kingdom

Students: Kiera N., Olivia C., Rebecca W.

School: Bournemouth School for Girls


Equality 3

Country: Romania

Students: Adrian V.

School: Scoala cu clasele I-VIII "Andrei Saguna"


Country: Spain

Students: Yago V.

School: Colegio Manuel Peleteiro


Country: Romania

Student: Andreea O.

School: Gimnaziul Liviu Rebreanu