Working with schools has a long tradition for BASF SE. It has become an essential part of our understanding of social responsibility. Our aim is to arouse children's interest in sciences and show how chemistry is used in everyday life.

Exciting chemistry lessons in school are the crucial factor for nurturing interest. Thus BASF offers multimedia teaching material, instructions and equipment for experiments and advanced training for teachers. Additionally, we have developed interactive online-experiments for kids to get them in touch with chemistry in their free time. Experiencing chemistry and inspiring fascination, however, is still done best on-site at BASF. That is why BASF has been operating student labs for many years and welcomes more than 18.000 pupils p.a.

"It is our goal to enthuse students and teachers for natural sciences and elucidate the role of chemistry in daily life. Thus we appreciate and support initiatives like inGenious that help to get closer to this goal."

Dr. Elbl-Weiser,
Head of Educational Relations, BASF

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