Back to school with the inGenious STEM campaign


This autumn inGenious steps up its efforts to increase opportunities for young people to see real-life STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in action, and break down their stereotypes about STEM studies and jobs.

From biotechnology to digital media, from energy to cloud computing, from environment to robotics, learning STEM is not only key to understanding our reality and being empowered to change it: it's our future. Almost every job area today is strongly affected, if not entirely reshaped, by scientific and technological advancements.

Still, young people in developed countries do not place high value on science and technology (according to three major surveys: Pisa, Rose, Timms). Stereotypes such as perceived difficulty or lack of information contribute to this. Pupils in wealthy countries are not enthusiastic about science in school, as they think “it's not showing them the importance of Science & Technology for our way of living, or increasing their career chances.” (Rose Project: Overview and key findings, 20103,02 MB)

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