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Two Communities of Practice will be launched on 12 March: all teachers will be able to join on Monday.

The first Community of Practice is about Technology and is organised by FutureLab and European Schoolnet.

Thanks to the second Community of Practice, you will learn how to contact a company for collaboration on STEM Education. It is organised by JetNet and European Schoolnet.

The first online chat about Innovative Chemistry is already programmed for 27 March.

During the inGenious project live online chats with representatives of industry, school guidance counsellors, etc, will be organized. These chats will display role models in industry, discuss career development in STEM and other topics connected with working in STEM careers and STEM education which will provide pupils a more informed image of jobs and careers in this area.

The first inGenious workshop for inGenious teachers will take place at the end of the month (30-31 March) in Copenhagen. 20 inGenious teachers will be selected from among the applications received based on the teachers’ involvement in the project (practices tested, questionnaires filled in, participation in the Communities of Practice, etc) and their relevance to the different topics of the workshops. Deadline to apply for this workshop: Friday 16 March

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Community of Practice - Scratch and ICT

From 16th April until 27th May, the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (Portugal) and European Schoolnet are holding the third of nine Communities of Practice on the inGenious website, taking a closer look at how schools and industry can work together on STEM education.
The third Community of Practice looks at Scratch, the new networked, media-rich programming language that makes it easy to work cooperatively, communicate and share creations online. Youngsters seem to be increasingly passive consumers, less motivated intrinsically for learning at school. How can tools like Scratch take advantage of young people's ease with ICT to create stimulating and motivating learning environments, where students can play an active role building their own knowledge with the help from teachers and peers?

Teachers from across Europe have the chance to participate in online discussions guided by our expert. Week by week, the topic of discussion will move through various aspects of the community’s subject. You are welcome to share ideas, explore new ways of working, raise questions, seek answers and join in the debate with other professionals in education from across Europe.
At the end of each of the six-week communities, the discussions are written up and fed back into the inGenious project, to be presented to high-level stakeholders and circulated throughout the European inGenious community. Nine Communities of Practice will be held in total, addressing a wide range of topics.
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