Take part in the Energy Future competition


Participation in the competition has now closed!

We would like to thank all schools that took part in the competition for their work and we hope that you had fun watching the videos and learning about the different energy sources.


And the winner is: Music School of Mytilene, Greece!



Imagine living without energy. Could you? Then you realize that energy is key to the needs of contemporary societies.

How are we going to meet our growing demand for energy, what sources will prove more sustainable? Challenge your students on such urgent questions and invite them to compete with schools across 31 countries with the upcoming competition The Energy Future, organized by inGenious in collaboration with our partner Shell.

How does it work?

The competition is about the film Energy Future, which is composed of 8 different episodes. Each episode is accompanied by a test, with up to 12 questions, focused on information presented in the film. Applications for the Energy Future Competition will be open from 1 September 2014 until 22 October 2014. Teachers from all primary and secondary schools, you are welcome to participate and submit your entry through the online submission tool in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

How can I take part in the competition and what is the prize?

To enter the Competition with your class, you have to watch the eight episodes of the film Energy Future and to answer all questions in the interactive tests that accompany each episode. The winner class will be the one that will provide the most correct answers. Each class is allowed to participate only once, so be well prepared! Join the competition today and your class may be our winner that win a trip to a local scientific museum worth EUR 1,000.

Read the competition Terms and Conditions 

How can I prepare my class for the competition?

You can prepare your class by watching the Energy Future Competition videos below. The episodes range from traditional and new energy sources to how to find the right energy mix, presenting challenges and main technological innovations in each sector. 

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Video 1 - Intro



Video 2 - Fossil fuels



Video 3 - Wind and solar energy



Video 4 - Nuclear energy



Video 5 - Biofuels



Video 6 - Energy mix



Video 7 - Saving energy


Video 8 - Other sources