Competition 1

The inGenious competition aims to raise pupils’ awareness of STEM studies and careers, by exploring innovative sectors, breaking down stereotypes, addressing tomorrow's challenges, and understanding how we can make a difference. Teachers are asked to help pupils find the link between their passions, such as mobile technologies, robotics or space exploration, and obtaining the necessary skills to reach career paths in these domains.

Competition 3


The competition Energy Future, organized by inGenious in collaboration with Shell, challenges students on urgent questions about energy. The competition is about the film Energy Future, which is composed of 8 different episodes and each episode will be later accompanied by a short test, focused on information presented in the film. To enter the competition you have to watch all Energy Future film episodes and answer their accompanying tests. The competition is now open and applications are accepted from 01/09 - 22/10/2014.

Competition 2

Here is your chance to make posters about your inGenious activities!

The competition is divided in 4 categories. Teachers will make a poster on:
1.    How their class implemented an inGenious practice
2.    The adaptations of an inGenious practice
3.    A new industry-school practice
4.    Effects of inGenious on teachers’ activities