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From 12 March until 20 April, FutureLab, JetNet and European Schoolnet are holding the first two Communities of Practice on the inGenious website, taking a closer look at how schools and industry can work together on STEM education.

The topics for the first two communities are Technology and How to contact companies for collaboration on STEM education.You have the chance to participate in online discussions guided by our experts. Week by week, the topic of discussion will move through various aspects of the community’s subject. You are welcome to share ideas, explore new ways of working, raise questions, seek answers and join in the debate with other professionals in education from across Europe.

At the end of each of the six-week communities, the discussions will be written up and fed back into the inGenious project, to be presented to high-level stakeholders and circulated throughout the European inGenious community. Nine Communities of Practice will be held in total, addressing a wide range of topics.

Our Community of Practice on Technology looks at how technology can be best integrated into education. How can cutting edge and future technologies be used in school? Are high-tech solutions always better than traditional ways of teaching creativity? How would you use social software in your school? Launching the debate each week and guiding the conversation will be Graham Hopkins of Futurelab, an independent UK organization which focuses on creative and innovative approaches to education, teaching and learning.

Our simultaneous Community of Practice on How to contact a company addresses the issue of where to start with collaboration between industry and schools. What are companies looking for in this type of cooperation, and how can you ensure a successful and sustainable joint venture? On the practical side, what is the best way to select and approach a company? Sebastiaan Smit of Platform Bèta Techniek, the Dutch National Platform for Science and Technology, will be on hand to initiate discussions and facilitate the debate.

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