DeforestACTION Live Event March 2012!

On March 28th, join us for an exciting online collaborative learning event! We will take you deep into the heart the Borneo jungle to connect with orangutans, hear from Dr. Willie Smits and the Eco Warriors about the work they are doing with the Masarang Foundation, and speak with other schools around the world taking action to stop deforestation. There will also be some incredible updates and surprises!

This live event will take place on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 as follows:

1) Asia Pacific (GMT/UTC-01:00; Jakarta-08:00am; Sydney-12:00pm)
2) North/South America (GMT/UTC-16:00; Calgary 9:00am; Sao Paolo - 14:00pm )
3) Europe, Middle East and Africa (GMT/UTC 09:00; London - 9:00am; Abu Dhabi - 1:00pm)

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