Do's and don'ts for the European Organizer of a National Platforms Stakeholder Meeting

From the experience of the National Platforms Task Force, a successful national stakeholder meeting is characterized by the following do’s and don’ts for the European organizer of a National Platforms stakeholder meeting:

  1. The initial contact must be made with government officials with a clear decision mandate to prepare the stakeholder meeting.
  2. There must be a very clear value proposition to make sure that expectations are clear before the meeting.
  3. Make sure that both Ministries of Education as well as Ministries of Financial Affairs are involved in the meeting.
  4. Work with the national hosts to invite a broad range of public and private stakeholders with decision mandates.
  5. Make sure to present very concrete experiences.
  6. Make sure to present both successes and failures.
  7. Avoid to present a “one size fits all” model for a National Platform, but respect the national agendas.
  8. Make sure to facilitate ample time for discussions – preferably in the national language.
  9. Try to make action-based decisions on next steps with a clear understanding of who is responsible (preferably a Ministry).
  10. Follow-up and take care to create contacts between countries who are working to create National STEM Platforms.