Xperimania chat - Sustainable Mobility

Location: Virtual chat room

Organizer: Cefic and EPCA, in collaboration with Xperimania

Type of event: Online debate

Target groups: secondary school students

Topic: Ecology

Language of event: English

Mobility: what will transport of the future look like?

For students aged 15 – 18


Graeme WALLACE, Cefic Sector Group Manager Fuel Oxygenates (Petrochemistry Industry)

ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association) expert to be confirmed


Topics of discussion include:

  1. The periodic table of cars
  2. Future car technologies & Smart Mobility
  3. Electric cars: is now the time to plug in?

Sustainable mobility refers to any means of transport with low impact on the environment. It includes non-motorised transport, for example walking, cycling, green vehicles, car sharing and building or protecting urban transport systems that are fuel-efficient, space-saving and promote healthy lifestyles. Sustainable Mobility makes a positive contribution to the environmental, social and economic development and at the same time meets the travel needs of the population. Read more...

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URL: http://www.xperimania.net/ww/en/pub/xperimania/talk2us/chat_2/experts.htm


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