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KIEWIS - Children discover Business
Subject: Physical sciences, Technology, Engineering, Innovation, Economic Education

Experience science with sensors
Subject: Chemistry, Biology and Physics

The Blu-ray disc
Subject: Technology, Engineering

SMART Template
Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

SMART Response VE
Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

SMART Notebook Math Tool
Subject: Mathematics, Science

SMART Notebook 3D tools
Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Subject: Mathematics, Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry

SMART Exchange
Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

It's all about Energy
Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics 

Subject: Energy, Science, Technology, Engineering

Chemistry, all about you!
Subject: Chemistry

Superbenz workshop
Subject: Science, Physical sciences, Environmental sciences

Educared Competition
Subject: Physical science, Computer science

Street lighting
Subject: Physical science, Computer science, Technology. Engineering, Maths

Electronic Dice
Subject: Technology, Engineering

Subject: Maths, Science, Technology

Volvo FH16 750
Subject: Technology, physical science, environmental sciences

Strong Truck
Subject: Maths, technology

Scratch Programming
Subject: Science, computer programming

Skoool Football
Subject: Maths, physical sciences, natural sciences

Sensor Adventure
Subject: Science, physical sciences, environmental sciences

Mathematical Tools
Subject: Maths

Multimedia teaching materials on Ammonia synthesis
Subject: Chemistry

Xperimania II
Subject: Chemistry

Xperimania I
Subject: Chemistry, physical sciences


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Experience Science with Sensors

FourierExperiments for Middle School

This practice aims to provide students with 21st century skills such as: Hands-on science, inquiry, graphing, Math analysis, problem solving, written and oral communication skills.

Resources include: experiment guides, lesson plans, as well as teacher guidelines*:

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Age range


Chemistry, Biology and Physics12-16en, fr, de, it, es, tr


Technical info

For this practice, you will need access to a computer running on Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows 2000, as well as the following sensors:

  • Multilab SW
  • Temperature sensor
  • Heart rate sensor
  • pH sensor
  • Force sensor
  • Distance sensor
  • Photodate sensor