A Parent's guide to STEM careers

This short booklet tries to help you as a parent to encourage the STEM talent in your children

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Energy Future competition: we have a winner!

Meet the winner of the Energy Future competition: Music school of Mytilene!

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2014 STEM Educator Academy

See the first photos and results of the 2014 STEM Educator Academy!

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Amgen Teach Launch

Amgen Teach launches in ten European countries!

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Inside the white paper on STEM education

Chapter 4: Building and sustaining effective partnerships

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GReat achievements of inGenious

At the end of October 2014 and after 3 intensive years, the inGenious project has concluded its activities. During this time many milestones have been reached and a lot of work has been done regarding the use of industry educational practices as well as the establishment and promotion of school-industry collaboration



A summary of our major achievements, that we can all be proud of are:

  Network of 340 inGenious Pilot teachers

  Extended network of over 1500 inGenious teachers

  Collection of 158 school-industry collaboration practices

  A network of over 40 partners and associate partners ready to help schools and teachers

  Organisation of 9 face to face inGenious workshops, 3 inGenious Academies and 3 inGenious summer schools

  Organisation of 23 online chats with industry experts, 15 Communities of Practices (CoPs) and 1 MOOC

  Teachers and students evaluation of 34 school-industry practices 

  Shooting of many videos for the project

  Conception of an Ambassador database

  Creation of a code of conduct for school-industry collaboration

  Set up of 3 competitions for schools

  Certificates for all pilot teachers who participated in the programme



Many thanks to all teachers and all partners for their great work over these past 3 years!