Ignite Your Future: inGenious video connects STEM achievements, school learning and jobs

The third scenario of the inGenious video “Ignite your Future” saw us team up with BASF and Wissensfabrik in Germany this month where coatings for use in extreme conditions are developed. BASF’s coatings are used to protect wind turbines.

This element of the inGenious video is about the design and efficiency of wind turbines and our shoot started in Aurich, north west Germany where the company Enercon manufactures wind turbines. Josie, our 13 year old pupil spent the morning talking to engineers and wandering around the holding yard where the blades are stored before delivery. “It's hard to describe the sense of scale that's involved in the production and construction of these enormous and highly technical devices”, said Josie. In our scenario, Josie plays a young person who's very much interested in design - and she's struck by the design of the blades as her family drives up to them for a closer view.

The inGenious crew also filmed at a wind park, with Simone Hofmann from Wissensfabrik taking on the role of Josie's mother, and at the BASF applications centre in Oldenburg, also in North-West Germany, where blades coatings are tested. With help from BASF engineers, we explored the story of design, efficiency and surfaces with our pupil.

Our final shoot for this scenario was completed in the UK, where we filmed our classroom sequence, working with Weydon school in Farnham.

“Ignite your Future” video: our objective

We have two main objectives for the “Ignite your Future” video project. First, is to create a piece of video which can be used in schools across Europe to inspire and challenge pupils directly to think about a future in a STEM related career. Second, the video will serve as a communication tool to generally introduce and summarise the work of inGenious.

“We want young viewers to open their eyes to technology all around them and understand that they can be a part of it, and that industries need people just like them”, says Alexa Joyce of European Schoolnet. The video aims to achieve this by giving pupils the chance to peer inside real life STEM work scenarios, where teams of normal people go about their innovative and important work.

inGenious is striving to correct negative stereotypes about scientists, engineers and technologists whilst conveying the on-going innovation inherent in STEM industries and the need for inquiring minds to support it. With qualifications in STEM, there is genuine opportunity to 'Ignite your future'.

Shell Shoot 1
The world’s largest production turbine.Josie and Simone from Wissensfabrik take a closer look at the turbine.
Josie talks to...crew
Josie talks with engineer from Enercon.The crew set up at Enercon