Inside the White Paper: Stem Education in emea


The EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) shares common challenges as youth unemployment, and need for new skills to reinvigorate the job market and drive growth in the region. Investing in STEM education is of the outmost importance to address them. What are the main strategies envisioned, reforms ongoing and pioneering solutions?

The new issue of the White Paper on STEM education in EMEA - Advancing the agenda through multi-stakeholder partnerships, published by inGenious and its key partner Intel, offers a clear and coincise overview of major trends. This paper is based on extensive consultations with key stakeholders and on results from their pioneering efforts - through the Intel Educator Academy events - to highlights progress and challenges ahead.

With this Inside the White Paper series you can easily access main findings in each of the four strategic areas identified in the document:

Working with schools and teachers: the first chapter is dedicated to major reforms and initiatives to help teachers make school experience of STEM meaningful to their pupils

 Engaging girls in STEMA major challenge in addressing student motivation for STEM studies and careers is the involvement of girls. This chapter summarizes the state-of-art and provides recommendations on this topic

 Widening the impact of science fairsScience fairs are a tried and tested model, with a strong positive impact on student engagement. See how embedding science fairs and festivals in the mainstream of school activity has progressed since the first Intel Educator Academy.

 Building and sustaining effective partnerships: The UN Global Compact Leaders' Summit associated report in 2013 noted that education is an urgent and highly impactful area to focus on, and that specifically partnerships between business and societal actors should aim to prepare young people for their future jobs. See what the state of art is now.

More issues will follow soon. You can consult the complete White Paper here.