Intel ISEF 2013

Self-driving cars? Superfast phone chargers? inGenious reports back from the future at Intel ISEF 2013

1,600 young brilliant minds have gathered from across 70 countries. This is a great achievement, but not new. What is new is that for the first time the winner of the prestigious International Science and Engineering Fair, sponsored by Intel – a key partner of inGenious, comes from a European country.

Ionut Budisteanu, a 19 year-old student from Romania, beat industry giants and brought home an award of 75,000 dollars. His project, a driverless car, uses an internet connection, a webcam and laser radar to negotiate every traffic jam. And it does so with a price tag of only 4,000 dollars. Another key achievement comes from Eesha Khare, an 18 year-old student from California: her newly designed super capacitor has the size of a normal mobile phone battery, but can fully charge in a few seconds and last longer. Eesha has been awarded the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award of 50,000 dollars.

Intel ISEF Highlights 2013

Intel STS 2013 awards gala video with winners

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Several more prizes were donated to the other finalists, who were all invited to Phoenix from local science competitions around the globe.

”They are not only young and talented: they want their ideas to matter, to shape the world we live in. And their ideas have brought them here”, says Agueda Gras, inGenious schools leader, who was invited to update on inGenious achievements in Europe at the Intel Educators Academy taking place in parallel to the ISEF event.

If ISEF is the biggest high-school science competition in the world, it’s just a part of Intel's commitment to supporting science education. In Europe, Intel has partnered with inGenious by providing popular class resources, such as Sensor Adventures, to experiment with infra-red and sound, and Skoool football, to win the game with maths and science skills; while the Intel Educator Academy EMEA each year brings together science education professionals from Europe, Middle East and Africa to combine forces and share best practice in the region.

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Published: June 2013