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Newsletter: issue 7
october 2013



92% of participating teachers report enhanced science teaching from inGenious
And 82 % of teachers believe inGenious has medium to high impact on pupils and the wider community. New results from pilot schools shed light on our impact in classrooms across Europe. Delve into the details.
Shape the future with the inGenious campaign
Help us extend the reach of STEM in the first half of this academic year with an inGenious video screening, an industry expert visit or a simple email blast to colleagues. Whatever your tactic, change perspectives with us. Join ourcampaign.
The inGenious Code
Plan school - industry collaborations with the newly published inGenious Code. Comprising guidelines, checklists and templates this simple, brand new guide helps schools and industry work together in a safe, smooth and secure way. 
Competition: bring your STEM classes to (working) life
Enter the inGenious competition and broaden your pupils’ perspective on STEM. Great prizes too!  Find submission form and detailed guidelines here
New resources for our third year together
Jet-Net, Shell and Volvo build on popular practices to bring you exciting new teaching tools for your classes ranging from maths to physics and robotics.
inGenious class invited to Buckingham Palace!
inGenious teacher of the month, Elaine Manton and her pupils from Loreto Grammar School, UK have made headlines by designing an insulin detector bracelet. Learn why Elaine supports inGenious.
Country Focus: fathoming Finland
An inGenious Needs Analysis for Finland reveals strong support for industry collaboration with schools and impetus to do more. What is the secret ofFinland's success?
My job explained: What's it like to innovate at Volvo?  

Vivetha Natterjee at Volvo tells us why mechanical engineering and robotics trigger her imagination.

News from our Community
Autumn events

Coming soon...

Find out how to create electronic and robotic objects: in the first chat of the new school year, organised in collaboration with our partner Telefonica, we have met David Cuartielles co-founder of the Arduino open source platform.
Highlights from discussions are available in our community
The first inGenious cluster meeting has just been held in Austria (16 September), to bring together teachers, policy-makers and industry from German speaking countries and discuss common strategies; a new workshop for teachers will take place in Berlin on 6-8 October: teachers are invited to join the annual meeting of our partner EPCA and collaborate with industry players from all over the world.After our work together, at the last summer school and on the online Community of Practice, we are preparing to launch our brand new video “Ignite your future”.

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