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Newsletter: issue 8
December 2013



Career discussions and role models lead to 20% increase of interest in STEM careers
“We have to show young people that science studies are the key to interesting careers and important jobs,” is the message Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, the EU’s Commissioner for Research and Innovation, voiced as she lent her support to the inGenious Conference on 18 November 2013. Find out what motivates young learners from the event review and slides.
Video and lesson plans to inspire your pupils about STEM jobs
The “Ignite Your Future” video and lesson plan series is now available for you to use in class and share with colleagues. This tool helps pupils to see the link between inspiring STEM achievements, STEM jobs and school learning.  Spread the word and ignite their future.  
New Intel white paper on multi-stakeholder partnerships in STEM
Long-term advocate for STEM education, Intel, produces a new paper on the effectiveness of partnership building to support science fairs and promote a strong flow of European STEM graduates. Read more here
My job explained: advocacy director for Europe’s chemical industry
CEFIC’s Maggie Saykali illustrates how a degree in chemical engineering, languages and good interpersonal skills can land you a super ‘cool’ career. Meet her
Making STEM relevant in Tel Aviv
Teach of the month, Stella Magid, believes in helping pupils see the relevancy of STEM in their lives. She shares her experience teaching inGenious practices in Israel and explains why she encourages future teachers to do the same.
Country focus: the Netherlands tops Europe’s PISA results
Could long-standing support for school-industry collaboration play a role in Dutch success? Find out more here
The GAIA spacecraft is a cosmic sensation
Forget Hollywood’s 3D movie Galaxy.  With images from the GAIA spacecraft we’ll soon see our galaxy for real in exciting dimensions. Download teaching tools to make your pupils starry eyed about space science.
inGenious Competition - Submission form opens now!  

Join our competition on STEM careers in class, develop new activities to inspire your pupils and share with colleagues from 31 countries. You can now submit your entry, and invite your friends to vote for you!

ICT in maths and science classesNew course for STEM Teachers
Events to warm up your winter
How often do STEM teachers use ICT in their class? Are patterns of usage and obstacles they meet different from colleagues in other disciplines? The new& briefing paper  from the study Survey of Schools: ICT in education published by European Schoolnet explores science and maths teachers relation with new technologies.A new opportunity to look forward to 2014: European Schoolnet Academy launches its first online course for teachers, school counsellors and career advisers on “Innovative Practices for Engaging STEM teaching” - from use of virtual labs and research centres to career guidance. Register now to book your place here.Busy times ahead for inGenious teachers! 2014 opens in Stockholm with a new workshop for teachers in January, followed by a meeting with career counsellors in York in conjunction with the Career Fair event, and by the Annual Academy for headmaster in Stockholm again. For more updates join inGenious community.