Matena provides a platform for teachers to develop pedagogical skills in close cooperation with the technology and science industries. The platform is aimed specifically at teachers in lower secondary STEM levels, providing them with an opportunity to renew and enhance their teaching through real life knowledge and inspiration.

Through field trips and company practices, teachers and their pupils, are able to find out more about businesses, while discovering company conditions and learning about different careers. Being able to talk to an engineer or a process engineer about their job, studies and reasons for choosing that career provides a broader understanding. Such knowledge is helpful for teachers and their classes to better appreciate what it’s really like to work in the STEM industry. Professional development also includes hands on workshops, where teachers can test pedagogical ideas together and discuss how they are graded. Matena contributes to building long term relationships between STEM teachers and industries.

Matena’s utmost goal is to inform, inspire and motivate more young people to pursue higher education studies leading to a STEM sector career.

“Working with school assignments taken from real life is not only inspiring and exciting, it can also provide students with a glimpse of future careers. We work for long term cooperation between school and industry, knowing that today's teaching helps building the future of industry.”

Åke Svensson,
CEO Teknikföretagen