Practice Deep Dive - “Ignite Your future” video and lesson plans

“Ignite Your future” is a new teaching resource developed by inGenious and dedicated to secondary schools students.

Composed of a 5-minute long video and a set of 3 lesson plans, "Ignite your future" help teachers develop career activities in their class in order to improve their pupils’ understanding of jobs opportunities in science, engineering, technology and maths (STEM).

"Ignite your future"

The video, at the center of the activities, explores three STEM innovations (renewable energy sources, 3D and fuel efficiency) to inspire pupils and clearly show them the link between STEM achievements, real careers and how to get there from their studies at school.

“It is never too early to think about your future because what you do in school impacts your choices in the future”: the lessons help teachers managing discussion before and after a classroom screening by inviting pupils to think about the impact of STEM achievements, their current perception of careers in STEM and the role they want to play in their professional life.

 Lesson Plan 1

More in details, the first lesson “STEM and the World” aims to stimulate thinking about the value of STEM skills and careers in our society and the connection between modern achievements we all admire (such as 3D) and the opportunity to work in those fields.

Discuss with your pupils STEM achievements they value and admire, and the impact they had or will have on our world: from progress in medicine which helped fight diseases, to internet and collaboration technology, or driverless car and other robotic scenarios.

Lesson Plan 2

The second lesson focuses on the social image of STEM careers and common stereotypes: ask your pupils what ideas they associate to a career in STEM, do not be surprised if an image of boring, lonely and isolated profession emerges. Help them learn it is very distant from reality. 

How much are we informed on jobs paths or influenced by others in our opinions? Why STEM jobs are perceived as masculine? 

Take into account different perception from girls: as you may know, women in developed economies across Europe and US continue to be marginalized in computer science and engineering. 


Lesson Plan 3

With Lesson 3 it’s time to take your class to the next level: Career planning. Ask your pupils “What do you think is important when considering a career?” and invite them to write down their answers.

Identify what factors they are taking into account, propose key elements such as self-assessment on their own interests, preferences and skills, knowledge of the labour market, exposure to direct experiences and networking, developing your strategies (steps ahead and self-marketing skills). 

More information and links to additional resources are provided in each lesson.

Contact for any feedback/comments on this new practice. 


Published: December 2013