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Newsletter: issue 4
January 2013



What does Lord Puttnam think about education?
Film producer David Puttnam has long had an interest in education and teacher training, and he recently had the opportunity to express his views when he spoke at EMINENT, European Schoolnet’s annual conference. inGenious was there to hear what he had to say, and you can read our full report.
Country deep dive: STEM in Spain – Remedies for a country in crisis  
The statistics are worrying and money is short, but we hear from teachers, business people and policy pundits who do not just have opinions on what should be done to fix Spain’s STEM education situation – they are doing something about it. The full story of what’s going on in Europe’s fifth largest economy is here.
Jet-Net’s ten-year flight
Jet Net - the Youth and Technology Network – is a joint venture between Dutch companies and pre-college schools in the Netherlands, and it has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. See what we discovered about this great example of industry involvement in education.
Is there life beyond our solar system?
Does science get any sexier than this? inGenious asked Blackrock Castle Observatory – a public science centre in Cork – how likely the possibility of life on planets beyond our own solar system really is. Take a look at what they told us about what secrets the universe may hold.
Teachers of the month – four of the best from the UK
This month, inGenious catches up with four UK teachers to capture their perspective on STEM teaching needs. There’s a brief video interview, plus a more in-depth chat about what works in the UK classroom to stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering and maths, plus details of how involvement with local businesses has benefited British schools and their students.
Practice of the month: How to make your teaching even SMARTer
SMART Boards have been adding interest to classrooms for more than two decades now. In a wide-ranging interview, SMART`s Education Program Manager, Ainhoa Marcos, took the time to discuss the what, how and why of her company’s involvement with STEM education, and to give us a run-down of some of the SMART practices you can use in your lessons. Here’s what she had to say.
Pilot 1, part two
In this second of two reports we take a deeper look at your thoughts on STEM teaching and industry collaboration.
My job: Tom Crotty talks about petrochemicals, the environment – and more
Tom Crotty is President of the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA), as well as Vice President of Plastics Europe and a member of the UK’s Climate Change Board. Find out what this man, whose professional interests include both oil and the environment, has to say.

StarsSummer SchoolTeacher and pupils
Virtual events: stars, trees and travel capture our imaginationIn person: mark your diariesGet involved with inGenious
Join us in the jungle on 24 January from 11-12.30 CET as, following the success of our last Chat with DeforestACTION, we link to ecowarriors in the Amazon.
On the 28 January from 14-15.30 CET, we’ll be discussing mobility and how transport will change in the future. No travel needed to join this Chat.
Reach for the stars by joining our ongoing Community of Practice on the use of astronomy as an aid to teaching, hosted by Blackrock Castle Observatory in Ireland. Runs until 15 February 2013.
Tours, 1 - 3 March 2013: Workshop for inGenious teachers in collaboration with STmicroelectronics

Madrid, 8-11 March: Telecoms giant, Telefonica hosts our second inGenious Academy.

Brussels, 19-21 April: Workshop for career counselors in collaboration with EUN's exciting Future Classroom Lab.
inGenious is a community of teachers and industry partners whose mission is to nurture innovation in STEM teaching and learn how to maximise pupils’ potential in STEM studies and careers.
We think STEM skills have a vital role to play in society yet interest in STEM studies and jobs is too low. We are committed to remedying that problem. If you are too – join us!