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Newsletter: issue 1
June 2012



Welcome to the first inGenious newsletter for inGenious, a platform to bring teachers and industry together to excite students about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) studies and careers.
Our pilots are flying high
inGenious has had an exciting few months. 165 pilot schools selected and trialled some fascinating and innovative STEM teaching and learning approaches. Pupils learned how STEM can solve challenges in society, and teachers benefitted from industry knowledge of cutting edge technology and science. All this experience is being captured to share with you.
inGenious also launched a call for teachers to participate in a second pilot. We are looking for another 170 schools to test more great teaching and learning approaches during the 2012/13 school year. Register your interest to take part. Please pass news of this call to your colleagues.
We want YOU
Join us! inGenious offers a community of teachers and partners who want to foster innovation in STEM teaching and understand how pupils can realize and apply their potential in STEM studies and careers.
STEM skills have a special role within innovation and they are particularly important to the scaling up of new knowledge to create tomorrow's products and services. Yet, research shows that, in Europe, even where ability in STEM subjects is strong, interest in pursuing them in higher education and jobs is low.
From Copenhagen to Indonesia, inGenious underway

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Evolve with us, subscribe and win a prizeDip your toe in the waterinGenious events
Our website will undergo a colourful makeover this summer to enable you to navigate better and join in easily. Follow our evolution and win a t-shirt ! First 10 subscribers and every 50th subscriber thereafter get a fabulous t-shirt. Sign up for the newsletter today!Try one of the many teaching tools offered through inGenious. You can also join one of our weekly Community of Practice discussions or chip in to a chat. See more information here.Pilot teachers will delight with us and colleagues from across the EU and beyond at Summer School in Istanbul, Turkey, 24-26 August.

Learn about ways schools and industry have collaborated in STEM Education in our Community of Practice hosted by NVHUS.