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Newsletter: issue 6
june 2013



Intel ISEF 2013
It's the biggest school science competition in the world: Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a dream for millions of aspiring scientists worldwide.
Intel, a key partner of inGenious, brought the world of the future one step closer by inviting 1,600 STEM students to meet in Phoenix, US.
A teacher's perspective on inGenious practices
This month, inGenious was curious to hear things from a teacher's perspective. Jose Viñas explains how he and his class tested several inGenious practices, which can be used and interpreted in many ways. Read the article - then watch and listen to Jose and his students in a special 'teacher's perspective'!
Take a look on the Brightside
This month, inGenious explores online resources that help pupils understand what it's really like to work as a chemist or mechanical engineer. Brightside's website is a fantastic example with video testimonials, articles and stereotype-free opinions.
Teacher of the month: Meltem Bilgiç
With factories not far from the Kerimbey Middle School in Turkey, Meltem Bilgiç has really seized the opportunity to establish strong school-industry relationships. But proximity alone is far from being the key to her success. Hear what Meltem has to say about STEM in Turkey.
Getting schooled by an eleven-year old scientist!
This month's Did you know takes a look at “Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show" - 'Sylvia's Do It Yourself (DIY) webshow on everything cool and worth Making'!
Find out how to assemble small electronic gadgets, make a lava lamp, create a Lillypad heartbeat pendant, and much more!
Science: Where can it take you?
inGenious partner EPCA (European Petro-Chemical Association) just released an inspiring new video illustrating STEM career options: "Science: where can it take you?" Watch the video and compete with other teachers to win an all-inclusive trip to Barcelona for the inGenious summer school by taking part in Xperimania’s competition. Deadline: 29 June 2013.
Focus on France
As the European slump hits France, effective career communication becomes all the more important. inGenious speaks to Hélène Chahine, director of the industry association C.Génial to understand the current state and future trajectory of STEM career communication and stakeholder collaboration in France.


Discovering Sustainable Construction and EngineeringConnecting with inGenious in Madrid and ToursinGenious launches its third year: Try out new exciting STEM activities!
It's never too late to join an ongoing Community of Practice. Discover Sustainable Construction and Engineering with Experts: Santtu Hokkanen, Dr. Peter Y. Wong and Dr. Yvonne Spicer.
Don't forget to mark your diaries for the next Community of Practice, "inGenious summer school - expectations and follow up", expected to take place from 19 August to 28 September 2013.
Take a look at the latest reviews from the the second inGenious academy in Madrid and the fourth inGenious workshop in Tours. Both events featured presentations and hands on activities with Arduino, a simple little gadget that opens up a world of creative possibilities. Discover resources and practices.After two successful years, inGenious is looking for new pilot schools.
Join inGenious by becoming a pilot teacher or a pilot teacher coordinator.