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Newsletter: issue 5
March 2013



Gender Diversity in STEM and why it matters
inGenious talks to Brendan Cannon, Corporate Affairs Director at Intel Ireland, to understand more about the company's commitment to girls' education. Find out what's being done to encourage gender diversity, take a look at Intel's research report, and much more.
Shell addresses today's big issues with its popular practice
It's all about energy is one of inGenious' most popular teaching practices. Written by teachers, and compromising over 40 assignments, these lessons offer a holistic approach to today's global energy debate. Whether you are looking for short or full course material, discover Shell's brilliant practice.
inGenious presented to Ministers of Education in London
Both the World Education Forum and the BETT show are major education 'rendez-vous' we couldn't miss. inGenious members presented successful models of industry-education partnership to the WEF Global Summit of Ministers. Find out what they had to say.
Teacher of the month - Wolfgang Schiele
This month, inGenious catches up with Wolfgang Schiele, mathematics, science, technology and sports teacher from Germany - experienced industry collaborator and inGenious teacher co-ordinator. Find out what he has to say about STEM in Germany.
Portugal: a hotbed for industry-teacher collaboration in STEM
With a yearly increase in higher education STEM graduates of close to 15%, Portugal is a European leader. Starting as early as kindergarten, students are introduced to STEM subjects. inGenious talks to Dulce Pinto and Nuno Ratão (DGE) to learn how the STEM integration became so successful across Portuguese schools.
Who are you reporting on?
We've all been discouraged at one point or another by poor marking or feedback, but has that ever stopped us? It certainly did not stop Sir John Gurden from winning the 2012 Nobel Prize for medicine! Read his teacher's hilarious report!
inGenious guidelines to support school-industry collaboration, available soon
Prepare to have your questions answered. inGenious is just about to release a set of practical guidelines to reinforce successful school-industry collaborations in the field of STEM. Sound interesting? Find out more.
Stay tuned for a great new chemistry video for your class!
Chemistry all about you is having an exciting month of March. Two teacher workshops organised in Tours (France) and Madrid (Spain) were marked by the announcement of European Petrochemical Association's new video: Chemistry, where will it take you? Keep an eye out, as the release is foreseen before the end of March on the chemistryallaboutyou website.

How do buildings become sustainable?The pros and cons of national STEM curriculaDiscover two brand new practices from Wissensfabriek and Fourier Education
What's all the buzz around sustainable housing? Join us and two leading experts from CEFIC on Tuesday 26 March, from 14:00 to 15:30 CET to be a part of this exciting discussion!
A competition for students will be launched on this very theme right after the chat. Don't miss it!
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a shared EU curriculum? Join us in our current Community of Practice, running till 12 April to talk about the Strengths and constraints of different national STEM curricula across Europe.Who said factories were no fun? Wissensfabrik encourages hands on industry experiences! Find out how in this fun and engaging practice: KIEWIS.
Experience Science with Sensors! Brush up your 21st century skills with a series of fascinating experiments.