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Newsletter: issue 3
November 2012



Pilot participants provide answers
During the spring, 170 teachers from all over Europe got together online and in person to trial the growing number of inGenious activities, as part of our community’s first pilot study. The inGenious pilot allowed front-line teaching professionals to try out the resources on offer with their pupils and discuss what they found in workshops and forums. The feedback is invaluable, and allows everyone, including our industry partners, to see what we are doing right – and what your needs are for the next generation of activities. You can read exactly what the participants thought.
European young scientists win accolades
From the evolution of the cosmos and applied nuclear physics to gene therapy, young scientists have been putting their expertise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to good use. And at the end of last month, several were rewarded for their amazing efforts at the 24th European Union Contest for Young Scientists in Bratislava (EUCYS). Read the full report to find out more about how excellence in STEM subjects is propelling the next generation of Nobel Laureates.
Intel's Skoool Football and inGenious: a winning team
Intel Performance Learning Solutions’ Manager, Anna O’Donovan, spoke to inGenious about why her company had produced the Skoool Football teaching tool, what it does and how you can use it to promote interest in maths and science. Read the full interview on Skoool activities and on the opportunities that technology offers to education.
Making life better for 300 million IT users
That’s the best thing about being the User and Media Intelligence Scientific Director at Telefonica Research, according to Nuria Oliver. She told us about her fascinating research projects and what happens in a typical day at Telefonica in Barcelona, when we interviewed her recently. Just as importantly, Nuria tells us how she reached her current position, what background she needed – and speaks candidly about just how geeky she really is. You can read about one of the most amazing jobs in technology.
Growing STEM interest in Turkey
Getting a new generation of Turkish children into science is the dream of Murat Cakan, Assistant Professor at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU). It’s a dream he is attempting to make true through his second job – being Director of the University Science Centre. We discuss the growing number of similar institutions in the country, and other steps taken to encourage children and young people’s interest in STEM education in Turkey, from new government programmes to the global Education Reform Initiative launched by Sabanci University.
Teacher of the month explains Xperimania
Carlos Cunha teaches chemistry and physics in Portugal and is our Teacher of The Month for October. He joined inGenious because he thinks the best way to teach science is for his pupils to make the connection between classroom theory and industrial practice.

Hear how he used the Xperimania 1 and 2 classroom practices to challenge students, encourage their interest in science and see its connection with the real world, in this engaging video.

In the newsMeasuring the STEM ecosystemCommunity events
Teacher and inGenious project co-ordinator, David Atzet encourages his colleagues in Spain to join the inGenious teacher community through national media.
Find the full article on La Vanguardia.
inGenious is working hard to capture opinion on the state of STEM across the EU. So far, 7 out of 15 national STEM workshops have been held in EU countries, stimulating positive feedback and new ideas from education, industry, museum and non-government spheres. Next appointments and more information on our event calendar.Join the teacher community and stay tuned for our Community of Practice on ‘Traditional Vs Technological (digital) Classrooms’, that will run until 6 December. And don’t miss our chats! For those interested in ecology, a recent chat with DeforestACTION, the global movement for the planet, will be available soon on our website. Registration is now open to our next two chats: Plastics in Medical applications and Exoplanets, the potential of life beyond Earth.