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Newsletter: issue 9
May 2014



inGenious competition milestone
Many thanks to everyone who participated in the inGenious competition and helped to make it such a resounding success. We hope it will be the first of many, starting from next challenges listed below in a Competitions Focus. But first have a look at all our spring news!
Getting into space to motivate STEM students
This month's Country Focus takes us to Belgium - and into orbit. That's because the tri-lingual country is using the European Space Agency's European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) project to further improve its STEM results. Click here to find out more.
New resource focusing on girls in STEM
Deployons nos elles is an educational project developed to bring together schools and the corporate sector in fighting STEM-related stereotypes. InGenious spoke to Bouna Kane about how it came about and what it can do to help your students overcome preconceptions about working in STEM. Find out how it works.
My job explained: engineer, art professor, education guru...
InGenious meets David Cuartielles, co-founder of Arduino - the computing platform which has quickly become a symbol of ICT in education. He shares with us his professional journey, how to make the right choices and seize career opportunities: it all starts with education...
Teacher of the month: Tullia Urschitz
Tullia Urschitz is a maths and science teacher from Italy. Her students enjoy being involved in inGenious as much as she does and are always clamoring to use our Practices in class. Hear about her successes and experiences with inGenious in this short video interview.
European Schoolnet Academy courses
The newly inaugurated European Schoolnet Academy has kicked off with a free course on Innovative Practices for Engaging STEM teaching. Learn more.
STEM education in EMEA White Paper
STEM education in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) shares common challenges and efforts towards Advancing the agenda through multi-stakeholder partnerships. In the new series Inside the White Paper you get an insight on key findings from chapter 1: working with schools and teachers here.
Competition Focus
STEM poster competition

Get ready for our Energy Future

Kodu Kup Europe Competition
We have been working together for another school year: how did it go for your class? Tell us more, and be creative: inGenious is looking for new STEM posters that can explain what an inGenious practice is, how to run it and what is the impact of collaborating with industry. Applications close this school year, enter nowImagine living without energy. Could you? This thought experiment helps you realise how energy is the key to the needs of contemporary societies. Invite your students to address this challenge when you are back next year. The competition will be open from September to October 2014, but you can already start preparing here.It's time for your pupils to start coding and you are looking for an engaging approach to programming? Join the Kodu Kup Europe competition. This pilot edition has been launched in 7 countries and applications are open to teachers from Belgium, Greece and Estonia (up to September 2014). To find out more check our special Did you know and find out why you should join the Kodu Kup community.