pilot snapshot – teachers voice their views on ingenious

What happens in a pilot?

Teachers test STEM industry education activities in class with their pupils and evaluate their impact. 

Who is involved?

Over 200 teachers and between12,000 to 16,000 pupils across 27 countries testing 26 industry education activities.

What do teachers think?

1. 81% of all teachers believe inGenious has had medium to high impact on pupils, themselves and the wider community. 

2. 86% of teachers saw the positive impact of the project on their pupils’ interest in STEM careers.

3. 66% of teachers agreed that participation in inGenious has positively influenced their pupils’ interest in STEM studies, concepts and careers, and nearly all teachers (92%) saw at least some impact.

4. 92% of teachers reported that inGenious participation has had positive impact on themselves pointing to enhanced teaching, improved ability to advise on STEM careers and wider use of industry resources.  

5. 83% of teachers reported that their participation in inGenious had positive wider impact on other teachers and pupils, parents and careers advisors.

Stay tuned as we continue to release outcomes from pilots one and two and integrate fresh data from pilot three.  


Teachers on inGenious and industry education activities:

“Practices substantially improve student’s attitudes in the field of STEM”  

“This project motivates students and provides new horizons for STEM professionals”

“This project “motivated us as a school to start a fruitful collaboration with (a big company)”


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Pilot teachers on inGenious impact

Reported impact on pupils, themselves and the wider community.