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  Maths & science: are they girl things?

Three years of involvement in inGenious Project, several practices from industries tested, many ideas shared inside Teacher Community of Practices and resources from Scientix: these were the seeds I put to change my teaching methodologies. Girls, for a math & science teacher, are sometimes a challenge: they need different teaching approaches to learn. Through the help of inGenious practices I observed a grow of interest in math & science, in all students, especially in girls. While learning how to make a scientific research, they reflected on the things they like most and the way to improve their interest for math & science. 10 girls from the 8th grade involved in an interview 169 girls students of our school.

School name Istituto Comprensivo "B. Lorenzi" - Fumane VR, (IT)

Age range 11 - 14

Teacher name Tullia Urschitz