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The practice gallery offers a repository of school-industry projects aimed at enhancing collaborations between both parties. So what exactly is a practice? A practice is a set of activities coordinated between schools and industry, aiming to provide pupils of various age-groups with the necessary training to reflect Europe’s industry needs. A practice can be connected to a policy, but not obligatorily. Browse through various activities and resources to spark interest, put a practice in place, or simply rate a practice you’ve already completed.   


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    • With the KIEWIS practice, Wissensfabrik links schools and companies. Primary school children learn business through hands-on activities by creating their own product from scratch. These industrial ...
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  • NaWi

    • The NaWi experiments provide primary school children with answers to questions from the world of science. The approach is practical, action-oriented: The children must try to observe and come up wi...
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