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The inGenious database is a searchable living repository of practices and policies within the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) sectors. Open to all teachers, industrial partners and policy makers, this repository is a reference and source of inspiration that contributes to the sustainability of the European Coordinating Body in STEM Education. It outlines the types of practices tested by teachers and policies put in place to facilitate them, available across and beyond Europe.


Teachers can browse through dozens of practices, either as a source of inspiration or to actively test activities and resources in class. Policy-makers and industrial partners can directly consult the success of a practice, offering valuable insight to better analyse and adapt solutions.

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Taking a look at available policies may spark new ideas or raise awareness of existing ones. The inGenious database also provides a link between practices and policies, offering pertinent information to anyone interested in the development of STEM education and industry career requirements.

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Logged-in users can contribute to the database by adding new practices, policies, activities or resources.