Second round of European Academy courses - enroll now!

Did you miss previous online courses for teachers from European Schoolnet Academy? Enroll for the 2nd round this summer!

If you like inGenious, and you are always looking out for engaging STEM teaching programmes, you should not miss this new opportunity: register now to the European Schoolnet Academy 

After their huge success, the pilot courses  will be repeated this summer: the Future Classroom Scenarios course starts on 28 July and Innovative Practices for Engaging STEM teaching begin on 18 August. There is still time to enroll! 

Need a little more motivation? Let's see what the pilot courses looked like:

More than 2,200 people had enrolled in the Future Classroom Scenarios, of which about 60% had actually started the course. Interestingly, the majority of participants had at least 16 years of work experience in the educational field. The module completion was very high with more than 90% of those who started a module also completing it. Moreover 80% of respondents to the course evaluation survey rated the course “very good” with another 19% rating it “good”. 

Also, more than 1000 people had enrolled in the Innovative practices for engaging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teaching of which 65% had actually started the course.  Most participants were experienced professionals with about half having worked in the educational field for at least 16 years. Module completion was high in most modules and in particular the later ones, with close to 90% of those who started a module also completing it. Retention throughout the course was also high with 47% of those who started the course also completing the course. Results of the course evaluation survey suggest a substantial impact on classroom practice with 78% reporting to have tried out a new form of teaching since attending the course and 83% reporting they have succeeded in motivating more effectively their students in the STEM area.

All this is remarkably high if we consider that in average roughly 5 percent of students who sign up for a MOOC earn a credential signifying official completion of the course.

Don't miss the opportunity to gain professional development online, for free! The courses last from 6 to 8 weeks and require no more than 2/3 hours per week of your time. 


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