SECOND WHITE PAPER ON STEM EDUCATION: advancing the agenda through multi-stakeholder partnerships

This white paper, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education in EMEA: advancing the agenda through multi-stakeholder partnerships, is published jointly by Intel and European Schoolnet, and is the second in a series of publications resulting from the Intel Educator Academy events in Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The initial white paper - Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education: overcoming challenges in Europe - an outcome of the first Intel Educator Academy EMEA, held in London, UK, in March 2011, where 85 key figures on STEM education from the EMEA region reviewed and evaluated STEM education strategies, and in particular the use of inquiry based learning.

In this second white paper, we further explore STEM education, highlighting specific country and regional practices, and make further recommendations for the future. This paper builds on discussions at the Intel Educator Academy EMEA which took place in Bratislava, Slovakia under the patronage of the Prime Minister Mr. Robert Fico and organised together with EUCYS, YSoS, combined with the outcomes of research carried out through inGenious. 

Download the White Paper here: