Submission of entries

Error messages when submitting

Submission of entries

    • How do I submit my school’s entry?
      Participants must be logged in to the inGenious website with an Open ID account to access ‘My Entries’, a private uploading area. Once connected, you can upload, edit, submit, or delete an entry. For more information on 'My Entries', click here!
      Please do not send submissions by email as these will not be entered into the competition.

    • What is the deadline for the competition?
      The deadline for submission is 28 February 2014, by midnight GMT.
      Don't forget that activities decribed in these submissions should be developed and implemented within the school year 2013/2014, from 01 January, 2013 to 31 January, 2014.

    • What language(s) can materials be submitted in? Do any of the materials need to be translated/subtitled?
      You may submit your entries in any of the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese. It is mandatory to provide a translated title and representative summary in English. This summary is important for the European jury members, but also for those viewing the entries uploaded to the competition gallery.

    • Who can submit competition entries?
      Competition entries must be submitted by a Teacher/supervisor.

    • Are entries subject to any limits in size or number of characters?
      Yes. Each field in the submission form is limited by a number of characters, which include letters and numbers, as well as punctuation and spaces. Copying and pasting information into these fields can sometimes cut your answer short if the number of characters is exceeded. To consult the maximum number of characters per field, download this template.

    • What is the maximum/minimum size of submitted documents?
      Submitted files must comply with the requirements mentioned below:
      Thumbnail image * - .bmp .png .img .jpg .gif .jpeg (Max 3 MB, ideally 200 pixels wide by no more than 150 pixels in height)
      FlickR photo set * – Participants should upload one set of photographs by inserting the set's URL in the required field.
      You-Tube video(s) * - Two You-Tube fields are available in the submission form, one of which is mandatory. Only You-Tube links will be displayed through players in the gallery; other tools such as Vimeo will not function.
      Optional materials - in addition to the file formats accepted for the thumbnail image, the following formats are accepted: doc, docx, wps, xls, pptx, wmf, odt, mpg, pdf, wpd, avi, divx, flv, mp4, mpeg, mpg, rm, swf, wmv, m4v, mov (Max 20 MB)
      inGenious cannot accept responsibility for lost, damaged or incorrectly resized files.

    • How do I know if my submission was received?
      After the submission process is complete, you will automatically receive an e-mail to confirm your entry was received and entered into the moderation phase.

    • How long will it take before my entry is evaluated?
      The first round of evaluation will begin soon after the submission deadline on 28 February 2014. Only entries that have successfully passed moderation will be evaluated.

    • How should video clips (movies) be submitted? Can they be sent through the post on a DVD?
      Up to two videos can be uploaded on You-Tube - participants are asked to provide the shared link in the submission form. For compatibility reasons, only videos uploaded on You-Tube (not Vimeo or other platforms) will be displayed in the gallery.
      Materials sent through the post will not be considered.

    • Not all the children in my class want the video to be public to all viewers on You-Tube. Can I submit private videos, protected by a password?
      Yes. A field for private access (password) to videos is available in the submission form. Videos that are privately protected will only be consulted by moderators, jurors, and anyone involved in the coordination of competition.

Error messages when submitting

    • How do I submit my school’s entry?
      The file contains special characters or the name of the file is too long. For ex: the apostrophe in l'invasion. Please rename your file in order to remove special characters (in this case the apostrophe) or reduce the length of the file name.