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KIEWIS - Children discover Business
Subject: Physical sciences, Technology, Engineering, Innovation, Economic Education

Experience science with sensors
Subject: Chemistry, Biology and Physics

The Blu-ray disc
Subject: Technology, Engineering

SMART Template
Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

SMART Response VE
Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

SMART Notebook Math Tool
Subject: Mathematics, Science

SMART Notebook 3D tools
Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Subject: Mathematics, Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry

SMART Exchange
Subject: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

It's all about Energy
Subject: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics 

Subject: Energy, Science, Technology, Engineering

Chemistry, all about you!
Subject: Chemistry

Superbenz workshop
Subject: Science, Physical sciences, Environmental sciences

Educared Competition
Subject: Physical science, Computer science

Street lighting
Subject: Physical science, Computer science, Technology. Engineering, Maths

Electronic Dice
Subject: Technology, Engineering

Subject: Maths, Science, Technology

Volvo FH16 750
Subject: Technology, physical science, environmental sciences

Strong Truck
Subject: Maths, technology

Scratch Programming
Subject: Science, computer programming

Skoool Football
Subject: Maths, physical sciences, natural sciences

Sensor Adventure
Subject: Science, physical sciences, environmental sciences

Mathematical Tools
Subject: Maths

Multimedia teaching materials on Ammonia synthesis
Subject: Chemistry

Xperimania II
Subject: Chemistry

Xperimania I
Subject: Chemistry, physical sciences


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Superbenz workshop

A refinery may produce two new motor fuels with different specifications. That has a number of consequences for storage, transport, investments, expected profit margin and social acceptance of the fuel. In the SuperBenz workshop students constitute a decision review board that will decide on producing either GreenPower or SuperBenz.

In the decision review board students with different study profiles work together representing different disciplines (Technical, Environment and Security, Finance). It is an exercise focussing on collaboration and discussing viewpoints from the perspective of different disciplines. They will realize that they need to able to think beyond their own professional knowledge.

The members of the board receive briefing notes with information on the context of the different disciplines. After a constructive dialogue they will take a decision using a decision matrix. The matrix allows for a structured dialogue and registers the evidence of the different viewpoints. The final decision will be presented to the board of the refinery. It consists of the teacher and Jet-Net co-ordinator.



 Subjects Age range Languages
Science, Physical sciences, Environmental sciences13 to 18en


 Technical info
Teachers will be provided with a complete workshop guide and a decision matrix where students will record the outcomes of their debate. All files can be accessed through the Resources section.