In this page you can find a catalogue of video resources, developed in collaboration with our partners, to provide you with a new outlook of STEM education and career paths: from role models and industry visits, to resources to use in class and STEM teachers sharing their experiences with inGenious.  

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This video links inspiring achievements to industry careers and to subjects pupils learn at school.


 Engineers in product development cycle Teknikforetagen inGenious












Cefic: Tomorrow starts with Chemistry Housing




Cefic: Tomorrow starts with Chemistry Mobility


Cefic: Tomorrow starts with Chemistry Water

The European Petrochemical Association


Chemistry: all about you shows how chemistry is crucial to our modern life and future challenges for a global sustainable development. 


Film 1 Shows the interior of a Blue-Ray player and introduces a 1:10 demonstration model and its components. Visit this practice resource




Film 2 Shows the components of the read unit and the path that the laser beam takes. Visit this practice resource


Film 3 Shows the tracking system that keeps the laser beam focused on the disc. Visit this practice resource




Film 4 Shows the operation of the tracking system while the disc is rotating.  Visit this practice resource


Film 5 Shows how the player decides whether it "sees" a 0 or a 1 on the disc. Visit this practice resource





Film 6 Shows how data is written to a Blue-ray disc. Visit this practice resource








Have a tour at ST Microelectronics factory and discover this process. Have a tour at ST Microelectronics factory and discover this process. This video is part of the inGenious project, an international platform to promote interest in STEM education and careers.



How we can use sand in an electronic devices? From Silicon to wii. 





Think Big Schools project was created in order to offer broad educational background on digital skills and entrepreneurship to young students (14 to 16 years old).


At the Nokia Student Innovation Lab in Akaa, Finland, Nokia, through internships, helps high school students learn about technology and play a role in its innovation.



ingenious teachers

"There is not only one benefit with inGenious, I've got a lot starting from my students involvement: they are always asking to do inGenious activities...and I have met great colleagues from all over Europe", says Tullia Urschitz, Maths and science teacher from Italy.


"As a teacher you have to inspire your pupils", says Elaine Manton.



Enthusiastic and outspoken STEM teachers from the UK. 


Hear what this Portuguese inGenious teacher has to say. 


”I'm happy when pupils see the meaning of life at school”, says Jesper Christoffersen.








My job explained by Sabine Brandenburguer, (WissenFabrik). 



Former head teacher, Kirsten Panton talks about danger, talented people and how she got a job at Microsoft.



Teachers' professional development Teachers' professional development





The video you are viewing is a part of the 'Innovative practices for engaging STEM teaching' course (STEM standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), delivered by European Schoolnet Academy,




More on industry-school collaboration activities




Meet the Boss is a debating competition with a top manager ('the boss') Jet-Net companies and secondary school classes. See the video with the subtitles in Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, French.


NatPlus is a four years project where elementary schools, high schools, informal learning environments and companies have worked together to improve Science education for children. 


KiTec - Kids Discover Technology is a Knowledge Factory project for primary schools. Gutenberg Primary School in the Southern German town of Riederich is staging a KiTec Project Week. 


In 2012, Netherlands ranked among top 5 knowledge economies in the world. And they have the ambition to strengthen this position.This is why students in STEM are needed to find new and smart answers for our technology-based future.  




In 2002 a number of Dutch influential companies decided to act on the shortage of university-trained technologists. This led to the establishment of Jet-Net. Learn more about the Jet-Net initiative in this video.


The movie shows youngsters the possibilities to have a career in science and technology. Jet-Net tries to make more youngsters enthusiastic about a study and career in STEM by showing them what it is like to work in industry in the Netherlands, but also in Europe through the inGenious project.




A short film about school development at Hellerup school in Gentofte, Denmark. Contains interview with the head teacher, reaction from a visiting british ass. head teacher, and footage from various teaching sequences.


Find out main outcome from Jumping the Skills Gap Symposium, hosted by the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT), in cooperation with CSR Europe, JA-YE, inGenious and BusinessEurope (19 November, 2013).



Meet the inGenious partners, who were in London for BETT 2012.


Kresten Krogh, production manager, and Lars Linnemann, chemical engineer at AVK Gummi that produces rubber components, show some examples of the company’s products in this video, as well as in part 2, part 3 and part 4.


Torben Schaltz from Hagens Spring Group that produces springs tells about his own and his colleagues’ educational background and the everyday work life at Hagens in this video, as well as in part 2 and part 3.


Jacob Jørgensen from the company Arcon Solar that produces solar heating plants tells about his own educational background and a usual workday as project manager at Arcon Solar in this video, as well as in part 2 and part 3.




Has school and industry collaboration helped reduce youth unemployment? Dr Anthony Mann, from Education and Employers Taskforce, presents the report 'It's Who You Meet'