3rd inGenious summer school!

Read everything you want to know about our latest summer school in Split, Croatia

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Kodu Kup Europe

Take part in the first European Kodu Kup competition!

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Inside the white paper on STEM education

Chapter 2: Engaging girls in STEM careers

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2nd round of EUN Academy courses

Gain professional development online, for free!


Towards 2020

Priorities for STEM education and careers in Europe Conference

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Ignite Your Future

New video and resources to inspire your pupils

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 brings teachers and industry together to excite pupils about science, technology, engineering and maths.

Did you know

Kodu – A great start to Computing

Kodu is a language to develop video games and learn to coding having fun in your class.










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inGenious - Science

Events for this month

August, 2014

Practice deep dive

Welcome to Deployons nos elles, a brand new resource entering the inGenious catalogue, to encourage girls in STEM and help them go beyond stereotypes. Created in France in 2010, it's soon to be exported in other EU countries, starting from Italy, thanks to a collaboration with the network CSR Europe. Find out the reason of its success.

Country focus

After the success of the blockbuster film Gravity demonstrating that space is as popular as ever, we thought it was time to investigate further. We have discussed space education and its impact on STEM education with The European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) in Belgium.



My job explained

When he founded Arduino with his colleagues, David Cuartielles could not imagine he would have overseen a successful growing company with offices worldwide. Yet, he had made the right choices to get there. He shares with us his professional journey and career tips for the innovators of tomorrow.

Teacher of the month

"There is not only one benefit with inGenious, I've got a lot starting from my students' involvement: they are always asking to do inGenious activities... and I have met great colleagues from all over Europe", says Tullia Urschitz, Maths and science teacher from Italy.

Meltem Bilgiç