“Ignite Your Future” video launch

inGenious launches “Ignite Your Future”, a powerful career guidance video and lesson plan series for pupils, in particular from secondary schools. 

Ignite Your Future is a five minute long video with supporting lesson plan series that challenges pupils directly to think about a future in a science related career. Ignite Your Future makes powerful connections between the innovations pupils enjoy, their school studies and STEM careers. 

Three scenarios in energy and technology are explored in the ‘Ignite Your Future’ video.  In each scenario, real European school children come across an innovation that amazes them. They are then projected into a real work situation where the innovation that inspired them is developed. Here they see, first hand, the application and value of their school learning.  

Ignite Your Future is designed for use by teachers in schools across the European Union to challenge pupils’ perception of STEM related careers.  It has been released with a lesson plan which builds upon the points the video evokes and explores career planning concepts.    

Through Ignite Your Future inGenious is striving to correct negative stereotypes about scientists, engineers and technologists whilst conveying the on-going innovation inherent in STEM industries and the need for inquiring minds to support it.  With qualifications in STEM, there is genuine opportunity to 'Ignite your future'. 

Ignite Your Future Scenario Summary 

Scenario one explores wind power. Inspired by turbines in a wind park in North West Germany a girl explores the story of wind turbine design, efficiency and surfaces alongside real engineers at the chemical company, BASF and the wind turbine manufacturer, Enercon. The classroom sequence is shot at Weydon school in Farnham, UK. 

Scenario two explores the world of 3D projection and imaging and was filmed in the UK.  inGenious worked with technology provider Acer, Gaia Technologies, Shelfield Community Academy, Blackburn Rovers Football Club and Darwen Vale High School. A boy is inspired by the way technology is used to simulate muscle movement in our bodies.  

Scenario three is on fuel efficiency.  Pupils from Gertrudiscollege secondary school in the Netherlands are filmed as they work on an eco car for the Shell Eco Marathon. In the marathon, the team is exposed to technology, teamwork and innovation in a unique way.  Real engineers tackling fuel efficiency at Shell’s colourful plant in Amsterdam are the pupil’s imaginary team.  

Download the Ignite Your Future Lessons Plans

  • Lesson Plan 1 - Download here 
  • Lesson Plan 2 - Donwload here 
  • Lesson Plan 3 - Donwload here